How Do I Use Solavei?

1. Select your device and plan.

  • Compare phones.

    Learn everything you need to know to choose the right Solavei phone for you.

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  • Start with a phone.

    We're happy to offer you a great selection of devices. However, you're more than welcome to use your own Solavei-compatible phone.

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  • The Solavei Mobile Service Plan.

    Affordable and simple. That's how we like it. With the Solavei Mobile Service Plan, you'll enjoy UNLIMITED Voice, Text, and Data for only $49 per month — or even much less!

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2. Become a Solavei member.

  • The Solavei app.

    Available for Android phones, the Solavei app covers everything you need to be a Solavei member. Enroll your friends and family, check out how much you've earned, connect with your personal network, and more, right from your Solavei phone.

    Coming soon.

  • Check coverage.

    We have one of the leading 4G networks in the nation. But before you get started, it's important for us to make sure we have the coverage you need to stay connected. We want you to have a great mobile service experience.

  • Sharing with Solavei is simple.

    We believe in the power of sharing, and we want you to be able to share Solavei with family, friends, and all of your connections. Once you finish enrolling, you'll be able to start growing your own Solavei personal network.

3. Share Solavei with your communities.

  • Post on your social networks.

    The more you share, the more you receive. We will make it easy to share all the great benefits of Solavei with your friends through Facebook®, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn®, and more. By sharing, you'll have the opportunity to turn even more members onto Solavei.

  • Share with friends and family.

    Once you start earning income with Solavei, you'll want to let your friends and family in on it too. It's as easy as talking about your new phone and the great benefits you get just for using it.

  • Enroll new members.

    We've made it easy for you to help friends, family, and members of your social networks with enrolling. You can get them started quickly, right from the Solavei app on your phone or through

4. Earn money.

  • How Trios work.

    Trios are the basis of Solavei compensation and bonuses. You achieve a Trio when you, or anyone in your personal network, enroll 3 connections with Solavei. For example, if you were to enroll 3 Solavei members, and one of them enrolls 3 more members, you'll have 2 Trios in your personal network.

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  • How to earn.

    Here's how relationships can be so powerful. Instead of spending billions on national advertising campaigns, Solavei empowers you to spread the word. When you share, you earn. Just by bringing three to Solavei, which we call a "Trio," you'll begin earning money. Soon, you'll start seeing great benefits just for using your phone and sharing Solavei with your connections.

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  • Compensation and bonuses.

    For each Trio that you — and anyone in your personal network — create, you'll earn money. Just by enrolling 1 Trio within the first 60 days of your own enrollment, you earn a $50 FAB (that's Fast Action Bonus) and $20 per month. Enroll more, and you earn more every month that you're a member. It really is that simple.

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5. Get paid on your Solavei PayCard.

  • Your earnings dashboard.

    We've made it easy to check your Solavei earnings on the go. Log in to Solavei online or simply use the Solavei app on your phone for up-to-date information on how much you're earning by using your phone and sharing Solavei with others.

  • Payment and mobile wallet.

    Once you start earning money by sharing Solavei, you'll be paid biweekly (twice a month) via your personal Solavei bank account, backed by MetaBank. With your Solavei PayCard, you can make purchases wherever Visa is accepted, use a check against the account, or get cash from an ATM.